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Chipotle Cabernet

Napa Jack's Chipotle Cabernet Bar-B-Q Sauce is all natural, gluten free, medium spiced blend married with the full bodied flavor of Cabernet wine. It's fantastic brushed on grilled chicken or smoked baby back ribs. Serve as a condiment or dip. Use as an alternative to ketchup for burgers, hot dogs and French fries.
Net wt. 15.6 oz. (542G)
Price $7.75


Napa Jack's Original

Napa Jack's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce is all natural, gluten free, spicy, and infused with just enough smoke to marry  beautifully with your favorite cut of beef, tender pork or moist chicken. Use as a marinade or simply brush on while grilling or roasting. Amazing alternative to ketchup or cocktail sauce.
Net wt. 15.6 oz. (542G)
Price $7.75 - SOLD OUT





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Barbecue Gourmet Gift Box

This seared wood gift box was created for the barbecue lover. It's an array of delicious Napa Valley gourmet items including Napa Jack's Merlot Barbecue Sauce, Napa Jack's All Purpose Dry Rub, Napa Jack's Original Barbecue Sauce, Napa Jack's Chicken & Fish Dry Rub Seasoning and Napa Jack's Chipotle Cabernet Barbecue Sauce.