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Wine Club Gifts
and Favors

Are you looking for great gifts for your wine club members, we are here to help. We offer an array of Napa Valley Products in various sizes, which we can custom print labels with your logo.

These gifts will also make terrific Napa Valley favors.

For more information regarding wine club gifts and custom  favors please contact us.

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


Merlot Sea Salt







Our beautiful Napa Valley not only produces some of the finest wines in the world but also an array of fabulous gourmet food and wine products.

At we feature many of these wonderful gourmet food and wine products for your culinary enjoyment and gift giving.

-Enjoy Napa Valley!

Shown below are some of our Catalog featured Products

Merlot Bar-B-Q Sauce

Chipotle Cabernet
Bar-B-Q Sauce

White Truffle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil






Wine Sauce

Garlic Parmesan
Dipping Oil

Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Worcestershire Sauce - Sold Out

chocolate wine sauce






Graham's Gourmet
Peanut Brittle

White Wine Snaps

Chocolate Sauce
Gift Set

 Extra Virgin
 Olive Oil






Cabernet Sauvignon Soap

White Zinfandel

Sweet Pea

Woof Dog





Champagne Vinegar Original BBQ Sauce

Honey Ginger Teriyaki

Kettle Roasted Garlic Oil





Napa Valley Hot Sweet Mustard Stone Ground Mustard   Herb Garden Mustard

Stone Ground Pale Ale





Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Bordeaux Cherry Balsamic Heirloom
Pasta Sauce

Napa Valley
Note Cards

napa valley notecards
Napa Valley Cabernet Wine Jelly Boysenberry Preserves  Orange Blossom Honey Caramel Brandy Sauce



Grape Seed

Grape Seed

Passion Fruit Cabernet - Wash

Lavender Rose & Aloe Lotion






Cooking With

Cooking With

Wine & Cheese
Pairing Guide





Wine Jelly Sampler

Flavors of Napa Valley

Wine Case





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Chocolate Grape Cluster Favors
Our unique Chocolate Grape Cluster Favors are fantastic for wedding showers & receptions, commitment ceremonies, parties and corporate events.

Gift Baskets & Boxes

To give personal & corporate
Gift Baskets or Gift Boxes
filled with wonderful
Napa Valley Products visit

Personal, Corporate & Custom Gift Baskets

Personalized Labels

Looking for unique gifts for your company meeting, event, or wine club we can create custom labels with your company logo to add the finishing touch to great Napa Valley products.

Custom Favors with Personalized Labels

We can create custom favors tailored to your wedding or event.